🔴 Live | Acharya Manish Ji | Ishwar TV | Get answers to all your health related problems

🔴 Live | Acharya Manish Ji | Ishwar TV | Get answers to all your health related problems

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Acharya manish Ji Health Kit is combination of medicines useful in detoxification of the body. This Ayurvedic medicine is very effective and beneficial in almost all health related problems. One can even take divya kit as method of precaution to prevent diseases and make their body Disease free.

Kit Contains Following Products:-

1. Alokik shakti tablets (80tabs) – It increases digestive power, provides nutrition, Balances hormones and increases immunity of body.

2. Divya Shakti Powder (160gm) – It detoxify the body on daily basis, balances our aura and chakras and also rejuvenates our body organs.

3. Param Shuddhi tablet (6) – It contains 2 types of tablets- 3 black tabs and 3 yellow tabs. These tablets are taken once a week and in alternate pattern. Black tablet does deep cleaning of intestines and yellow tablet cleans our blood.

Tripple Stem Cells: Must be taken every Monday before brushing teeth (Don’t take anything for 30 mins. after taking the stem cell).

4. Jeena Sikho DVD – This DVD has 4 parts containing information regarding yoga and meditation, Information of divya kit, Diet knowledge and camp clippings.

5. Aahar Gyan – It gives information of daily diet intake, things not to eat and types of diet plan.

6. Urja vigyan pustika- It contains knowledge of chakra and some mantras to live a healthy mental and spiritual life.

7. Divya Amrit Ras 30gms- Its herbal tea made from 32 natural herbs. It helps in detoxification, improves digestive power and boost up immunity power.

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