5 Best Exercises To Try In Your 30s

5 Best Exercises To Try In Your 30s

What workout should you do at the age 30? This video is showing you some of the 5 best exercises to try in your 30s. See Also:

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Note: This video is a part of joint collaboration between Michael Bartlett and Consumer Health Digest.

Full Video Transcript:
Hi, Michael Bartlett here. I am a health and wellness consultant with Consumer Health Digest. I want to share with the top 5 exercises for you if you’re in your 30s. If you’re like me your 20s are in the rear view mirror and your 40s are quickly approaching. If that’s the case it’s time to transition the way we work out, no longer can we maintain the stress we would put ourselves under in our 20s with heavy weights or sprints or miles of running. We need to focus on long term health and recovery, focusing more on the inside maintenance than the outside appearance.

The first exercise I’m recommending for you would be circuit training, that can incorporate a lot of different types of exercises but the basics would be cardiovascular exercise alternating with resistance training. Any kind of cardiovascular is fine, resistance training, you can use weights, you can use resistance bands or even body weight training. We’re recommending 4 times a week a minimum of 1 hour, so 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of resistance alternating between each other to keep your heart rate up, keep your metabolism burning.

Second exercise I’m recommending would be training with weights that are heavier but no impossible. I’m not talking about 4 rep max where you’re slamming weights and the things we used to do when were in our teens and 20s. I’m talking about 8 to 10 reps designed to tax your muscles at the 8th, 9th and 10th rep, but also you to maintain strict form. It’s going to reduce your likelihood of injury, promote joint and ligament health and also increase muscle mass and bone density, 2 things that tend to decrease as we get older.

Consider longevity training exercises. By longevity training I mean exercises that promote flexibility, mobility, things that tend to fade away as we get older. You might see people in the gym using stability balls or standing on balance bars, things that promote balance and mobility. I would recommend things that focus on the core and stabilization of the core. For those you can do things with resistance bands or exercise boards or even the big stability balls that you see in the gym. They’re available for home use too.

Lastly I’m recommending that as you move into your 30s consider Pilates or Yoga or even Tai Chi. They’re natural movements that increase flexibility and strength, encourage muscle mass and are a natural way for you to get a great workout without risking injury to muscles, joints, tendons, et cetera. As an added bonus there’s a mental health aspect to all 3 of those exercises, or those movements, through mediation and mindful movements you’re encouraging improved brain function, mental focus and you’re also going to relieve stress and anxiety.

I would recommend any of those 3 types of exercises as you transition into your 30s and beyond.


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