Anemia & Hair Loss: My Story and Recovery

Anemia & Hair Loss: My Story and Recovery



Iron deficiency anemia develops if your body doesn’t have
enough iron to build healthy red blood cells.

Hemoglobin is the protein inside red blood cells that
carries oxygen through the body.

Oxygen helps the growth and repair of all body cells
including the cells that make up hair follicles.

This leads to hair thinning, hair loss and brittle nails.


In this video, I discuss my battle with iron deficiency
anemia and how I recovered. I have struggled with anemia
for a good portion of my life. I have finally reached a point
where I feel that I have the anemia under control. I have
also found the BEST iron pills on the market that do not
hurt your stomach or have painful side effects.

Sometimes hair loss can be genetics but sometimes it
can be caused by anemia. If you believe you may be
anemic I urge you to visit a doctor and have your blood
levels tested first before taking any supplements.

I hope that my story was able to help at least 1 person
out there. I know I have struggled for years with my
hair and not knowing why it was thinning. Please share
your stories, tips and advice down below!



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