Back Pain? – Is the L5 Spinal FACET Joint fixed Closed OR Open

Back Pain? – Is the L5 Spinal FACET Joint fixed Closed OR Open
John Gibbons is a registered Osteopath, Lecturer and Author and is discussing the concept of lumbar 5 (L5) facet joint either being closed in an ERS(L) or fixed open in an FRS(L). These techniques are taught on his courses based at the University of Oxford.

John is also the Author of the highly successful book and Amazon No 1 best seller called ‘Muscle Energy Techniques, a practical guide for physical therapists’. John has also written 3 more books, one is called ‘A Practical Guide to Kinesiology Taping’ and comes with a complimentary DVD. The other books are called; ‘Vital Glutes, connecting the gait cycle to pain and dysfunction’ and ‘Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and SI joint’.

All the books are available to buy now through his website or from Amazon

John now offers Advanced Training in all aspects of Sports Medicine to already qualified therapists in manual therapy to ‘Diploma’ Level. You need to have attended all of his ten individual Therapy Courses before the diploma is awarded. His venue is based at the idylic venue of Oxford University, home of the first four-minute mile by Roger Bannister.


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