Bone Broth and Pregnancy – Mothers Can Consume Bone Broth During Pregnancy for Essential Nutrients

Bone Broth and Pregnancy – Mothers Can Consume Bone Broth During Pregnancy for Essential Nutrients

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Bone Broth and Pregnancy:

When a woman is pregnant, her body’s nutritional needs change and her protein requirement goes up during pregnancy. Protein requirements for pregnant women go up by about 30 grams and even more for mothers that are breastfeeding.

Bone Broth is a food that is fantastic for pregnancy because it is:

Extremely mineral rich- specifically magnesium, phosphorus and calcium which are indispensable for one’s baby’s ability to build strong, healthy bones. These minerals must be acquired from one’s diet, otherwise they will be taken right out of the mother’s own bones and given to her baby.

Has chondroitin and glucosamine which are 2 of the most vital nutrients for joints. These nutrients will help one’s baby’s joints in forming, they also sustain the mother’s joints during her pregnancy because weight gain strains the mother’s joints.

Bone broth helps with nausea because when nausea appears in the first weeks of pregnancy, it can be difficult to keep food down. Bone broth is very soothing and easy to consume and stays down. It is very simple for the pregnant mom to digest, and calms her stomach very rapidly.

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