Draining & treating a Myxoid Cyst

Draining & treating a Myxoid Cyst

A myxoid cyst, or digital mucous cyst, is actually not a true cyst, so it’s also called a pseudocyst. They are growths that most often occur on the top (dorsal) part of the finger or toe, just behind the base of the nail. They are kind of translucent/see-through, round, and slightly compressible. They are due to a connection to the joint space, where one bone meets another, the part of your finger or toe that allows you to bend the digit. The fluid inside this cyst is gel-like and sticky, because this is the lubrication that “oils” our joints. This fluid somehow has made its way closer to the surface of the skin, creating this bump. These are benign growth, and may spontaneously disappear, but recurrence is common, mainly because in order to prevent these, you may likely need to seal off this connection with the joint space.

This patient came from a distance to see me and really wanted to try to get rid of the bump, although it was not painful or actively growing in size. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t come back!

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