False Labor Pains During Pregnancy

False Labor Pains During Pregnancy

How do you know if you have false labor pains during pregnancy or if they are the real deal?

As you are nearing your due date you will start to experience contractions closely together and they will prove to be quite painful.

They can fool you into believing that you are in labor. However, they are different from labor pains.

False labor pains during pregnancy do not bring about significant dilation of the cervix and they tend to disappear after a time.

As a pregnant woman it is vital that you know the difference between fake labor and real labor.

One distinguishing factor is that fake labor pains are not predictable. They will happen at irregular intervals and have varying length.

True labor pains, though irregular at first, will start coming at short and regular intervals.

They then become more intense with time.

While you are undergoing false labor the pain associated with the contractions is mostly centered in the lower parts of your abdomen.

As for true labor, the pain will start in the lower part of your back and progress round to your abdomen.

When it comes to false labor pains during pregnancy, the contractions may cease or decrease in intensity if you lie down, opt to walk or just change your current position.

This is not the case with true labor, which will remain and continue to cause you discomfort no matter what you decide to do.

You can also deduce whether you are in true or false labor if your water happens to break.

If your water breaks while you are having contractions in your abdomen, then you are having real labor.

Not everyone in true labor will have their water break. In fact, some women don’t have their water break until right before the baby comes out.

You can also confirm that your labor pains are false if there is no sight of blood throughout the pains.

You might opt to disregard the feelings because your due date is far away and you later find out that you are fully dilated.

The best way to be sure, is by seeing a doctor as soon as you can so that you can be reassured of the nature of the pains.


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