Hastuttanasana Yoga During And After Pregnancy In Francais

Hastuttanasana Yoga During And After Pregnancy In Francais

Next pose after the Pranamasana is called Hasta Uttanasana (Raised Hands Pose). This pose is practiced in the second and eleventh positions of the Sun Salutation practice sequence. You would ease into this pose with inhalation. The hands are raised and you would bend back slightly. This pose provides a nice stretch to the front side of the body and also strengthens the back as it bears the upper body weight when we bend backwards

How to Practice Hasta Uttanasana?
Stand in Pranam Asana and take few deep breaths.
Now with deep inhalation raise the hands above the head and try to take the hands as far behind the head as possible.
This will stretch the abdomen area and open up the lungs area which will help in better utilization of the lung capacity.
Keep the knees little bent as that will help in moving the hands back some more behind the head. If you are able to bend backwards without bending the knees you can keep them straight. Taking the hands back helps in opening up the lungs which provides one of the most important benefits of this pose and the sequence.
Stay in this pose for few seconds with short breathing. While practicing this pose during Sun Salutation take the hands back with inhalation and with exhalation come out of the pose with exhalation.
With exhalation come out of the pose or move to next pose in case this is done during Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation).
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