Wet cupping, other known as Hijama.

Done this a while back, few years ago. Gentleman came for a general detox and mild back pain.

Very safe and effective procedure. I don’t really post this stuff often. maybe I should.

Hijama or wet cupping is infact one of the earliest forms of medicine and treatment. Provides a number of remedies.

It’s still done in many countries around the world. I learnt from people that have been around and then refined it.

I incorporate this type of treatment mainly for a body detox, muscular and joint pain or problems.

Wet cupping works by allowing blood to circulate around the body optimally or efficiently as possible.

As we age we leave behind all sort of by products that the body cannot get rid off. This in turn can cause harmful growth in the body and such as disease.
Hijama works by taking that by-product out of the body then the body can reproduce fresh blood with new nutrients.

This will allow for a better circulation which is the life line for us. If blood doesn’t circulate well then we are effectively in trouble.
A full consultation and assessment is carried out.
Doesn’t take more than 50 minutes for a full body detox however for some sport injury, 30 minutes max.

I regularly have this done myself, it’s a therapy that a regularly give to other so my experience never dips and it’s very refreshing to be honest, no side effects 100 percent.

Wet cupping is all about clearing a blockage and allowing better circulation. it’s a fact, think of it like this, over time you use your sink. Somthing get trapped in the pip and it gets blocked. Same concept here!

Wet cupping can help with * High blood pressure
* Suffering from poor circulation
* Pain relief
* Joint and muscle pain
* Cholesterol
* Men’s health

A lot of these benefits go in as I just use and perform on people for muscular and joint problems. Or a General Detox.

high end #Athletes have this procedure. If it wasn’t safe, they wouldn’t risk their million pounds jobs for this so rest assured it’s entirely safe and I’m very experienced!

Feel free to contact me if you would like to book or ask any question.

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