Hip n back yoga for flexibility and backpain relief(part1)

Hip n back yoga for flexibility and backpain relief(part1)

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This yoga are not only good for ur hips n back pain but also good for flexibility of ur body.it will give u flexibility to do other advance yoga…this steps r also practice before doing any work out to warm up ur body.this yoga steps are also good for hand & shoulder strength.this also tone ur hand muscle💪.and also help in depression,anxiety and body pain.

🙏🙏🙏Disclaimer 🙏🙏 if u had any kind of serious health issues like knee pain ,shoulder pain, hand pain ,major back pain ,neck pain,pregnancy,or have done any kind of operation etc etc plz take advice of your doctor or physical trainers🙂

In my channel I am going to teach…. more easy steps of yoga which are beneficial for you to fight against the unhealthy way of living in today’s time. ……This yoga practice will give you a healthy life.

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