Homeopathic medicine for Typhoid – Dr. Sanjay Panicker

Homeopathic medicine for Typhoid – Dr. Sanjay Panicker

Typhoid is a type of fever that affects the intestines, where patient develops patches in the intestines, and the absorption of nutrients reduces. High grade fever with a step ladder pyrexia is the one that indicates typhoid, in the sense the patient is having a temperature of 99 today and tomorrow around the same time the temperature would be 100 and between there will be fluctuations and day after tomorrow you will see that it has become 101 and 4th day it becomes 102. The temperature keeps rising as the days are passing and the temperature doesn’t come down with regular antibiotics and medicines, you must do a WIDALTEST and detect whether there is a typhoid. WIDALTEST usually is positive after 7 days and so once you detect typhoid, there are excellent homeopathic medicines that deal with typhoid. In the early stages, if we give the patient homeopathic medicines, even before the typhoid develops, then the cure is faster. Many patient s don’t even know that they are heading for a typhoid or they have a typhoid because homeopathic medicine was used and maybe in 3 to 4 days or in a week, the patient is better. So it never heads towards typhoid very often. So you will find that lot of people who are using homeopathy in the early stages of fever do not develop complications like typhoid but anyway if the patient comes to us with typhoid, the major remedies are baptisia, bryonia, rhus tox. Even there remedies like sulphur, which is a very important remedy. Lycopodium is very useful in typhoid fever, china, carbo veg, arsenicum album. These are very effective in treating typhoid


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