How To Do A Perfect Push-up for A Chiseled Chest?

How To Do A Perfect Push-up for A Chiseled Chest?

Want to get chiseled chest with simple exercises? Watch out this video now and learn how to do a perfect push-up for a chiseled chest.

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Kavin Kreider is a pioneer asian-american male fitness model. Collaborating with to bring you these perfect push-ups for a chiseled chest.

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Note: This video is a part of joint collaboration between Kavin Kreider and Consumer Health Digest.

Video Transcript:-

Hey Guys, Kevin Kreider, Personal Trainer, fitness model of pursuit, fitness for life. What I want to educate you on today, this video is about how to do the pushup in a correct form and matter, how to do a perfect pushup … To show you how to do the perfect pushup. What you want to do is get shoulder-width apart. A lot people, what they’ll do is they’ll arch their back like they’re about to do downward dog. This isn’t Yoga class, this is a pushup. Bring your butt up nice and straight, head looking forward.

What a lot of people do then is they only go half way. That’s okay, but really what you want to do is touch your chest to the ground and come up. Another common mistake people will make, if you want to go aerial for a sec, is people will bring their elbows out high just like this. Their elbows are out like that working out mostly their shoulder and rotator cuff. If you want to go aerial again, what you want to do is tuck your elbows in a little bit towards your body. Not super close because then that will work out the triceps more, but just a 45 degree angle just like this, and drop your chest to the ground.

What a lot of people do too is they won’t feel it in their chest sometimes. A little simple, simple adjustment is instead putting your hands out like this, just angle your palms out like this when you do a pushup. Just like that, and then what you want to do is come all the way down, and squeeze. If you just want to do a perfect pushup contest and see how many pushups you can get, maybe I don’t recommend that because it will fatigue a little bit faster, but if you’re going to do it for size needs and to get a chiseled chest …

Beginners, what you want to do is go on your knees. Put your feet up in the air like this, toes up. A lot of people just do this. That’s a little sloppy. Put your feet up and add a little bit more weight onto you. Same thing, what you want to do is bring it down, elbows 45 degree angles. You want to rotate your shoulder blades back while you do the pushup the whole time. It’s going to feel awkward, you want to pretend a tennis ball is in between your back of your scapula right here, and you try and squeeze the tennis ball together while you do a pushup. That keeps the chest more engaged.

You go like this, squeeze, and you’ll feel all chest that way, when you do that. When you come forward with your shoulder blades, you can try that, punch it out. Your shoulder blades are coming forward, the scapula is rotating forward, and you’re only going to get your shoulders more involved with that. I’m using the pushup to isolate your chest more that way. When you do those movements and avoid the bad things to do … I hope you even enjoyed the video. Thanks a lot guys.


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