How to Use Bromelain to Heal Chronic Pain Naturally: Enzyme Therapy for Natural Health and Healing

How to Use Bromelain to Heal Chronic Pain Naturally: Enzyme Therapy for Natural Health and Healing

Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that comes from Pineapples
It breaks down inflammatory proteins naturally in your body when ingested on an empty stomach.

It eats up inflammatory particles and proteins and thus helps you lower inflammation and reduce pain that comes from injury or low grade chronic inflammation. It can also help with digestion if we take it with food. The enzymes can eat up inflammation if we take it on an empty stomach.
While inflammation is great short term to get rid of things we don’t want – colds, viruses, damaged tissues, long term in the wrong places it is highly detrimental and damaging – breaking us down in all of our systems – immune, digestive, cardiovascular, neurological, detoxification, and even emotionally.

When we have inflammation it has little protein molecules as by products and that can produce more inflammation. Enzymes like Bromelain eat them up and thus greatly aid in our body’s self healing power.

You can get a lot of enzymes straight from food – Pineapple or as a supplement.
Supplements are great and can be mixed with other powerful healing foods like turmeric, ginger, and boswellia. I like a dose of 200-400 mg a few times a day between meals
Bromelain is great for joint pain or for helping to quickly heal an injury
Bromelain is great to take as soon as you feel sick or if you have bronchitis or sinusitis (mucus is an example of an inflammatory protein.

Research on things like knee pain show mixed results and I believe that is because pain and inflammation are multi channel and multi factorial. However, as part of an integrated strategy along with movement, structural balance, nutritional balance and stress reduction Bromelain works very well clinically. Bromelain also has some interesting lab and animal studies of these enzymes helping ulcerative colitis and IBD
Athletes and people training can use it every day, especially before and after exercise.

The Standard American Diet depletes our enzyme reserves because they are so lacking in enzymes – THUS our body has to work harder to create more to digest our food. Further large amounts of sugar and enzyme-deficient processed foods act as anti-nutrients robbing our body of precious enzymes. As a result, we have less enzymes in body for their other natural anti-inflammatory jobs. We get run down and instead of adding life to our years, our food system sucks life force from us. Add on to that the perpetual mental and emotional stress that is upon everyone and it is no wonder we get depleted of living enzymes and we break down faster than we need to.

In this video I mention the interesting and controversial work of Oncologist Dr. Gomez who used enzyme therapy as his primary line of treatment with patients. You can research his work online.

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