Light exercise helps manage arthritis pain during monsoon

Light exercise helps manage arthritis pain during monsoon

비오면 쑤시는 ‘관절염’…장마철 대처법은?

The monsoon season has arrived in South Korea, …and the high temperatures and stifling humidity can sharply increase joint pain and stiffness in people with arthritis.
And our Park Se-young tells us more about what can be done to lessen the pain.

This 80-year-old woman has been suffering from arthritis for more than 20 years.
Around this time of the year, the weather is particularly harsh on her joints.

“Both my knees, hips and back hurt more if it rains or is cloudy.”

High temperatures and humidity are associated with increased joint pain and stiffness.
Sweating releases synovial fluids, …which are lubricants around the joints, …and this increases irritation from friction.
Low barometric pressure during the monsoon season also increases internal pressure in the joints and causes swelling.
And the cold air from air conditioners causes muscles to contract, which results in more pain.
Doing nothing can result in joint deterioration and lead to loss of function, …which is why experts recommend light exercise.

“It’s better to avoid exercises like walking up stairs or hiking. It’s important to strengthen the muscles through exercises that are easy on the joints like flatland walking, swimming, stationary bike riding and aqua aerobics.”

Experts say light exercise not only reduces arthritis pain, but also helps to prevent arthritis and slow its progression.
Arthritis patients are also recommended to protect their knees from cold air by using cover-ups or blankets.
Park Se-young, Arirang News.

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