Lilium tigrinum homeopathic remedies in hindi.for sensual people, heart pain ,palpitations #lilium

Lilium tigrinum homeopathic remedies in hindi.for sensual people, heart pain ,palpitations #lilium

in this clip Homoeopathic remedy lilium tigrinum briefly explained. it acts on venous circulation, female organ uterus ovaries, MC, Likoria, leucorrhoea, histeria unitary system, bladder feels full always Desire of urine ,frequent urine,
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• It manifests its chief action upon the VENOUS CIRCULATION; of the heart and FEMALE ORGANS; ovaries and uterus; and is useful for many reflex conditions dependent on some pathological condition of these organs.

• It also affects rectum and bladder and left side.

• Often indicated in unmarried women.

• FULL, HEAVY or FORCED OUT feeling; in uterus, ovaries, heart etc.

– Utero-ovarian sagging.

• Wandering, flying,shooting pains or opening and shutting pains; radiating; from ovary to heart, to left breast; down the legs etc.

– Backward pains; about eyes; to occiput; from nipples through chest; from heart to left scapula.

• Pain in small spots.
Pulsations; ebullitions; gurglings and burnings.

– Nervous tremors; in hypogastrium, in spine, knees etc.

• Venous congestion.

• Discharges acrid.

• Nervous; hysterical.

• Faints in warm room or after standing for a long time.

• Women exhausted by sexual excess.

• Symptoms from sexual excitement.

• Rheumatism.

• Mental and uterine or/and cardiac symptoms alternate.


• WARMTH; of room.

• Motion.

• Miscarriage.

• Walking.

• Standing.

• Consolation.

• Pressure of bed clothes.

• Jarring.


• Cool, open, fresh air.

• When busy.

• Lying on left side.

• Sunset.

• Pressure.

• Support.

• Crossing legs.

• Rubbing.


– Hurried.

• Nervous.

• Snappish.

• Depressed.

• Erotic.

• Fruitless activity.

• Despondent.

• Disposed to curse, strike.

– Dread; of insanity; being incurable.

• Desires finery.

• Wild, crazy feeling.

• Inclination to weep; weeps much; is very timid and indifferent to anything done for her.

• Dissatisfied with her own things; envious of others.

• Dementia from business worries and sexual excess; tears the hair.

• Feels hurried, walks fast, does not know why.

• Wants to talk, yet dreads saying anything, lest she should say something wrong.

• Has to keep very busy to repress sexual desire.

• Consolation agg..

• Sits alone and broods over imaginary troubles.

• Sexual excitement alternating with apprehension of religious ideas.

• Prefers society.


• Wild feeling in head, as though she would be crazy.

• Headache burning; dependent on uterine disorders, agg. before and after menses; amel. at suns et.

• Headache over left eye to vertex; with vertigo and visual effects.


• Feel sprained; bite and burn agg. reading.

• Wild look.

• Myopic astigmatism, has to turn the head sideways to see clearly.

• Pain in eyes extend back into the head.

• Weak ciliary muscles.


• Rushing sounds in ear after going to bed.


• Sneezing; amel. pain in head and eyes.


• Tongue; coated yellowish, white in patches.

• Sweet taste – back of mouth; foul, amel. eating.


• Hawking of mucus, with constant nausea.


• Craving for meat, or for sour or sweet dainties.

• Aversion to coffee; to bread.

• Hunger; as if from spine.

• Thirsty, before severe symptoms.

• As of a hard body rolling around, during day only.

• Vomiting from displacement of uterus.


• Skin of abdomen feels stretched and stiff.

• Sore, distended; can not bear weight of covers after menses.

• Weak tremulous feeling extending to anus.

• Heavy dragging down of whole abdominal contents extending even to organs of chest; must support the abdomen; with dysuria.

• Pressure on rectum with constant desire for stools amel. urination, agg. standing.

• Sharp pains amel. gentle rubbing, with warm hand.

• Early morning diarrhoea, after rising, urgent, can not wait a moment; stools; small, frequen t, with tenesmus.

• Dysentery agg. change of life in plethoric women.

• Sharp pains amel. doubling up.

• Tenesmus of the rectum and bladder.

• Piles; after delivery.


• Constant pressure on bladder; with constant desire to urine; with a sensation as of a ball in rectum.

• Urine; milky, scanty, hot.

• If desire is not attended to; feeling of congestion in chest.

Heavy dragging or outward pressing in pelvis, with dysuria; as if all organs would escape through vagina; must hold it.

• Menses; ear
all organ feels full heavy and forced out. female feels their all organ wood escape through vagina,
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