Lisa Alexander: Creator of The Alexander Method of Sound & Energy Therapy

Lisa Alexander: Creator of The Alexander Method of Sound & Energy Therapy


In this Interview Lisa Alexander, creator of The Alexander Method (TAM), will share how she about in creating this Tuning Fork ⑂ Modality.

The Alexander Method (TAM) is the only nationality-accredited program of its kind with ongoing review of the scientific findings and research in Vibrational Sound and Energy therapies.

The Certification Training for The Alexander Method also provides research in the the following areas:

~ Autonomic nervous systeem
~ Glandular and endocrine function
~ Cognitive, Heart and Brain Coherence
~ Muscular, Skeletal, and Vascular systems

TAM use specially-calibrated medical-grade tuning forks ⑂ to locate dissonance and bring the body back to its natural/balanced harmonic resonance frequency.

In TAM, the use of sound and vibrational attunements allows the receiver to experience profound levels of healing at the molecular, cellular, and energetic levels. The ATM is the only program of its kind that incorporates all human systems.

Some of the Benefits are:

~ Release of stress
~ A deep state of relaxation
~ Reduction of depression, anxiety, and panic
~ Reduction of addictions
~ Brain and heart-coherence
~ Reduction of peri-menopause and menopausal symptoms
~ Increase in physical energy level
~ Improve mental concentration and clarity
~ More sound sleep and vivid dream experience
~ Reduction of arthritis, back, and other chronic pain
~ Development and refining of sonic, intuitive, and clairvoyant ability

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Disclaimer Note: The Interviewer does not necessarily agree with all of the information presented in this interview, such as, the Fibonacci sequence/spiral, and the Cadeucus.

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