Research: HIV/AIDS is Completely Reversible with GcMAF(OA-GcMAF). Public lied to for 60+ years.

Research: HIV/AIDS is Completely Reversible with GcMAF(OA-GcMAF).  Public lied to for 60+ years.

Conventional medicine is Totally Corrupt and is controlled by big pharma and the cancer industry. HIV is curable with natural treatment. GcMAF and OA-GcMAF are natural substances that reverse cancer, HIV, infections, Alzheimer’s, autism, and more. Big pharma does not want the public to know this. They want you on prescription drugs for life. The research article in this video proves that GcMAF reverses HIV. Alternative and holistic physicians have died under suspicious circumstances after they provided natural cures for their patients. Big pharma gives “gifts” to medical boards investigators and medical board members to target physicians who are prescribing vitamins and other natural cures.

TheNaturalM.D. Medical Association has documented research studies proving how natural treatment cures disease. TheNaturalM.D. Natural Nutritional Supplement Topical Sprays are formulated by Nutrition M.D.s and have high amounts of natural ingredients to reverse the nutritional deficits, and build the immune system to attack HIV, Cancer, and other diseases.
The scientific research proves that when the nutritional deficits are reversed, the disease can reverse, even cancer and HIV. See the link on Research Documents Natural Cures @ Big pharma and the cancer industry do not want you to know this.

These products are reversing disease naturally by reversing nutritional deficits. There is no medical reason to take any prescription drug for anything. Rx Drugs do not cure disease. Rx Drugs cause more disease by design. Many physicians receive money from pharmaceutical companies to push drugs on the public.

TheNaturalM.D. is a non-profit Association working with nutrition specialists offering:
1). Health and Wellness Nutritional Consultations with Nutrition M.D.s
2). TheNaturalM.D. Holistic Health Collection Natural Nutritional Supplements topical sprays formulated by Nutrition Medical Doctors for this non-profit Association.
3). and more.

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