The Benefits of Maca – Boost Energy

The Benefits of Maca – Boost Energy

The Benefits of Maca – Boost Energy

Black Maca
Product info.
• Vegetarian capsules (free from common allergens eggs, wheat, corn, soy, and dairy)
• Organic, non-GMO
• Take 2 capsules, 2 times a day
• 150 capsules
• Powder: 124g
• The earthy, nutty taste
Maca with Ginseng
• Vegetarian capsules
• Non-GMO
• Take 2 capsules, 2 times a day
• 90 capsules
• Added ginseng and nettle for increased energy and supports prostate health
Maca Information:
• Native to Peru (sometimes referred to as Peruvian ginseng)
• Grows wild at high altitudes above 13, 000ft. in harsh conditions
• Cruciferous vegetable related to broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale
• A long history of culinary and medicinal use
• The root is the edible part of the plant ranging from white to black
• Dried for use
• Good source of nutrients especially vitamin C, copper and iron
• Source of carbohydrates and fiber
• Contains bioactive compounds: glucosinolates (has an antibiotic effect) and polyphenols (source of antioxidants)
Overall Health Benefits:
• Adaptogen helps the body deal with stressors
• Increases energy
• Hormonal support for men and women
• Helps combat fatigue
• Helps rebuild the immune system
Hormonal System Benefits:
• Increases stamina
• Boosts libido
• Can increase sperm count
• Improves sexual function
• Improves menopausal symptoms in women

Nervous System Benefits:
• Improves well-being and mood
• Reduces anxiety and depression
Muscular System Benefits:
• Improves performance by increasing energy, building muscle and increasing strength for bodybuilders and athletes

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The expert “Eden Armstrong (Holistic Nutritionist)”


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