The Many Health Benefits of Oil of Oregano❗️❤️😊👍🏼YT froze this vid @ 4 views from 50+

The Many Health Benefits of Oil of Oregano❗️❤️😊👍🏼YT froze this vid @ 4 views from 50+

Oil of oregano has been a part of our lives for several years now. Once we tried it we knew we needed to have a few of these oil droppers around the house.
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Only buy organic from a health food store you trust. I put 4 – 6 (daily) drops of this in caplets along with Iodine (Iodine video coming soon…) This stuff is STRONG so thats why I put it in caplets. This will kill intestinal parasites, their larva and eggs. If you suffer from candida this stuff will clear that overgrowth out too.

A couple years ago I took the tip / end of a knuckle off my middle finger using a food slicer cutting potatoes into slices OUCH! It took forever to heal… Well the injury got red and infected a day or two later, I even tried using polysporin but that crap made it worse! I put a drop of oregano oil on my poor knuckle and then a bandaid over it. The next day NO more pain or redness from the infection. I was blown away on how fast this stuff made it heal.

List of Numerous Health Benefits:

Treats the Common Cold (friggin’ MDs can’t even do that LOL!)
Treats Influenza Virus
Promotes Digestion
Eliminates Intestinal Worms
Relieves Symptoms of Allergy & Respiratory Ailments
Reduces The Risk of Atherosclerosis, Heart Attack & Strokes
Helps to Energize & Rejuvenate the Body
Detoxifies the Body
Is An Expectorant
Aids in Speeding Up Metabolism
Full of Compounds that Help to Clear Out Mucus From Lungs & Airways
Is a Lymphatic Stimulator
Repels Insects
Treats Bronchitis & Croup
Treats Ringworm
Treats Candida
Treats Gingivitis
Treats Arthritis
Treats Dandruff
Treats Acne
Treats Heartburn
Treats Headache
Treats Bloating
Treats Sinusitis
Treats Herpes
Treats Canker Sores
Treats Whooping Cough
Treats Staph Infections
Treats MRSA
Treats Strep Throat
Treats Ebola Virus
Treats Warts & Moles
Treats Toenail Fungus & Athletes Foot
Is Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial (fights all kinds of infections)
Powerful Painkiller
Delays Aging Process
Protects Against Cancer & Macular Degeneration
Is an Emmenagogue (Promotes Menstrual Flow )
Reduces Fever
Helps With Sinus Congestion
Strengthens Immune System
Eases Asthma Attacks
Stimulates Appetite
Maintains Body Weight
Regulates Menstruation & Reduces Cramps & Symptoms of Menopause
The list goes on and on…

Now you know why we have a few different kinds in our home….

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