Things You Should Know about Kratom (Kratom and Joint Pain)

Things You Should Know about Kratom (Kratom and Joint Pain)

This is my first official “vlog” style video and I would like to address Kratom. This video is simply to address MY subjective concerns and the physical side effects that I have experienced with using kratom long-term. I personally thought I was the only one dealing with these issues, but after posting on the two subreddits ( and I quickly realized that others were also experiencing similar side effects. Ever since using kratom, my chronic pain / musculoskeletal tightness has been getting worse… I have joint pain, trigger points all over, tightness in my back, and chronic injuries that don’t seem to be healing.

Kratom is from a tree native to Thailand (Mitragyna speciosa is the scientific name) that has become quite popular over the years, due to its anxiolytic and pain-relieving properties. It is used as a mild stimulant in lower doses and has helped a lot of people get off harder narcotics (heroin etc) has even shown some promise in helping people with depression. This video is NOT meant to bash Kratom or anyone in particular currently using Kratom. In fact, I am a huge advocate for responsible Kratom use and I am SO happy to see that its assisted SO MANY people. It is a wonderful leaf; however, every drug comes at a cost.

Was anyone else’s chronic pain / musculoskeletal tightness getting worse during extended kratom use? (
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