Top effects and side effects of eating tomato during pregnancy

Top effects and side effects of eating tomato during pregnancy

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Hi friends I’m Mrs Mohammed asad and a mother of two healthy smart boys and i will make an upload video on pregnancy diet and kids diet from my experience and knowledge.

गर्भावस्था में कितने टमाटर खाना सही होता है
क्या गर्भावस्था में टमाटर खाने के कोई नुकसान भी होते हैं जानिए श्रीमती मोहम्मद असद द्वारा
गर्भावस्था में टमाटर खाने के क्या फायदे होते हैं जानू श्रीमती मोहम्मद रफी द्वारा
क्या गर्भावस्था में टमाटर खाना सही होता है
क्या गर्भावस्था में सूखे टमाटर खाया जा सकता है

In this video you will know about the effects and side effects of eating tomato during pregnancy.

Tomato contain vitamin A and vitamin C which is good for baby development it help for strong teeth and gums development and improve eye vision of baby as well as it will improve blood level. Eating tomato is just not save but it is very nutritious also for a pregnant lady and for foetus. During pregnancy some women feel tired by eating normal size tomato she will feel energetic. Tomatoes contain calories also. Tomatoes will improve blood and blood circulation so it will be helpful for high blood pressure patients. It have calories which is good for heart and tomato contain some folic acid also again which is good for pregnancy lady. After delivery some women will get high blood pressure and swelling on body it will help to get ride off this problem also. Tomatoes contain antioxidant which protect from cell damage and tomato also contain vitamin K which protect from hemorrhage. Eating tomatoes will help in healthy delivery. When your buying tomato you should check for organic and solid red one. So friends eating tomatoes are good but intake of anything too much is not good during pregnancy for example ulcer patient and a lady who is suffering from kidney stone and kidney disease. Please don’t eat too much if your a low blood pressure patient. Tomatoes are acidic vegetable which again promote urine problems. Tomatoes can have as a salad also but who is suffering from gases problem be care full about eating more tomatoes and it will improve migraine problems also. Do not eat Sun dry tomatoes because it will improve liver problems. And please before eating anything consult a doctor.

Disclaimer please consult your gynacologist before eating anything during pregnancy

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