What women are seeking from cannabis and CBD with Ellementa’s Aliza Sherman

What women are seeking from cannabis and CBD with Ellementa’s Aliza Sherman

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I can feel your head nodding “yes,” as I state that as women, we play a complex and multi-faceted roles as caregivers for our kids, grandchildren, parents, partners and communities. So how do all of us super savvy females replenish our output? Listen up as we dive in with Aliza Sherman (CEO of Ellementa) and dialog on what women are seeking from cannabis and CBD ( and how it differs from men).

In fact, here are a couple of strong facts on men versus women pursuing hemp/cannabis:

○ Pain, & Arthritis are higher with a 3 to 1 ratio of women versus men.
○ Anxiety impacts more women (as much as 24 percent) than men.
○ Hormone dysregulation impacts women far more than men, increasing routine symptoms of PMS, Endometriosis, Migraines, Acne and more.

So from these statistics, we can conclude women are using CBD as a specific therapy for multiple diverse medical conditions—particularly pain, anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders.

Enjoy the great insights Aliza brings around plant genetics, the artisanship of cannabis, growing a business once again in startup mode and personal reflections on how placing personal mortality front and center, helps us live more in the present.

About Aliza Sherman
Aliza is a Latina entrepreneur and CEO of Ellementa, Inc., the fastest growing global cannabis wellness network for women. She is also the publisher of HerCannaLife.com, a website showcasing women in the cannabis industry.

In the 90’s, Aliza started the 1st woman-owned Internet company, Cybergrrl, Inc. and the 1st worldwide Internet networking organization for women, Webgrrls International .
In 2009, Fast Company called her one of the “Most Powerful Women in Technology.” Aliza is the author of 12 books including “Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness” and “The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit.”

On Today’s Episode You’ll Awaken to:

• The need for self-care, how it’s individualized and how cannabis/ CBD fits in.
• The authenticity of the self care movement and using hemp/cannabis to face the day and become more mind and body aware.
• Cannabis or CBD – or why not both?
• How to integrate cannabis into your life.
• The formation of Ellementa out of personal trials for two women.
• What it’s like being a female entrepreneurs once again in startup mode.
• Will grass roots and women survive the big dollar male dominating. infrastructures moving into the hemp and cannabis industry?
• Aliza’s next book release and when to catch her on tour!
• Aliza’s future forward thoughts on where the CBD/Cannabis is going.
• Aliza’s personal “awakening” about life and mortality.


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• Email: aliza@ellementa.com

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