Why Are My Knees In Pain

Why Are My Knees In Pain

Hi, my name is Michelle Stiles. I’m a physical therapist and your knee rescue expert. Today we’re going to take a look at the question. Why are my knees in pain?

We are going to use a mirror, for a prop. I know that sounds a little bit crazy, but we are okay. But just hold onto that one minute and I want to explain something first. Biomarkers of inflammation, like C reactive protein are associated with progression of knee osteoarthritis.

So if you have elevated CRP, right, you’re on the fast track to ruining your knees. All right, now think about that. That’s not a good thing. So you want to get off this. So what, what is causing elevated whole body inflammation? Well, for the most part, the standard American diet, things like boxed and processed foods, vegetable oils, too much sugar in our diets, non organic food items.

We have pesticides and toxins coming in and you know, I mean look around, right? There is an epidemic of knee pain, right? People in their forties and fifties have pain all the time in their knees.

I’m telling you that is NOT normal. Don’t believe that myth, get it out of your head. It’s NOT normal. Don’t go on some forum or something and everybody says, “Oh yeah, it’s normal. It’ll be great.” I’m telling you it’s NOT normal and it won’t be great. I’ve seen plenty of things as a physical therapist and I can look in the future and absolutely recommend solving your knee pain some other way. You need to look into it. And I’m sharing with you part of that thing today.

So let’s take the mirror. Pick up the mirror and I want you to ask yourself the question, am I at least somewhat responsible for my chronic knee pain? What’s your diet like?

Ask yourself that question. Look again, ask yourself very slowly, “Am I partially responsible or somewhat responsible for my chronic knee pain?” I think the answer for most people is yes. Okay. Now, if that’s the case, right?

Depending on your personality, that may be actually really bad news or good news. It’s bad news, if you are a quick-fix type person, you’re a pill popper, you want an instant solution, the knee replacement surgery suits you fine. Good. Get it done and move on. Right?

It’s good news if you’re that person who wants to have control, basically control over your own health and control over your own destiny out in the future. So now listen, before you leave, don’t leave this video yet because this is the most important part of the video, okay?

You see this dashboard behind me? Your chronic knee pain is like a check engine light on your dashboard! What do I mean?

So if you were driving from New York to LA and the check engine light came on, you’d stop, pull over and investigate. You probably wouldn’t, pull over, cut the cord and keep on going because something worse might happen. Well that’s exactly what might happen with knee pain. We know that there’s an elevated risk for cancer, heart disease, dementia and early mortality in people who have knee osteoarthritis.

Low grade whole body inflammation is implicated in all those chronic diseases that we see now exploding in our culture around us. So I think that you want to be one of those people that can avoid that whole thing.

So listen to the check engine light and be thankful and grateful for your knee pain right now, because it may be warning you of something even worse that could happen to you that you’re not really sensing or aware of and you can avoid. Okay? So diet, lifestyle changes are the key to avoiding all that .I’ll be talking about that more in the future, Thanks for listening.



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