Why is My Belly Always Cold During Pregnancy?

Why is My Belly Always Cold During Pregnancy?

Why is my belly always cold during pregnancy?

There’s a point where it should be obvious you need to switch to maternity clothes, and when the regular ones cannot cover your stomach is one of them.

I am wearing maternity clothes.

Are you wearing those jeans that do not quite cover up the bump? You may want to get one of those belly bands to cover your lower abdomen, assuming the short shirts aren’t too blame.

I know I can always cover up with more.

Did you get summer maternity clothes on sale in the fall and now trying to stick it out until the winter stuff is out to save money on clothes?

This is not a matter of insufficient clothing, though that arguably got me pregnant in the first place.

Remember that your body has had to add something like ten pounds of blood vessels and blood to meet the needs of the growing baby.

That’s why it is hard to stay hydrated.

Speaking of which, if you are dehydrated, that can make you both cold and tired.

I’m peeing for two, but I’m also drinking for two, so that is not it.

Then the fact that your body is pumping all that blood and it is going to that bundle inside your skin instead of the outside of it is to blame.

I did not think I was supposed to blame anything on the baby yet.

Of course you can. The nausea, the vomiting, the heartburn, and so forth.

The nausea is subsiding, finally.

If you lay on your back, you can lose circulation because of the pressure on the blood vessels in your back, causing dizziness and low blood pressure. Low blood pressure in general can make you tired or cold.

Laying on your side though, rarely does that, which is why I sleep on my side.

There’s also the fact that many pregnant women become outies. You could feel cold because that sensitive skin is simply exposed for the first time.

I had not thought about that. I thought it might be anemia.

Anemia can lower blood pressure, worsen fatigue, but you’d have cold feet and hands before you had a cold belly.

Nope, just the belly is cold.

Have you considered simply wearing more?

Then I’d overheat. It is only the stomach, and not even my back.

Then maybe you need to cut back on the ice cream and yogurt, if that’s adding to the sensation. It’d reduce a lot of the heartburn too.

I’d rather have a cold belly than give the sweets a cold shoulder. This is the only time I can eat anything and get away with it.


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