Yogic Chart For Arthritis – Yoga Poses, Diet Chart, Treatment & Cure in Tamil

Yogic Chart For Arthritis – Yoga Poses, Diet Chart, Treatment & Cure in Tamil

When the pillars of support, our bones get inflamed or infected & the comfort of our body is greatly diminished, the state of the bones is called as “Arthritis”. “Arth”, the Greek part, meaning “Joint” & “tis” meaning inflamed or infected. Arthritis means inflammation of the joints.
Depending upon the area of dysfunction & the reason behind it, there have been many different forms of Arthritis being stated & the number is still growing.
The most common forms of the disorder are following: Osteoarthritis — Due to the wear & tear of the cartilage in the Joint Rheumatoid Arthritis — Due to inflammation of the joint, because of an overactive immune system. Gout — Uric acid deposition in the joints Ankylosing Spodylitis — Arthritis of the back. Results in pain & stiffness along the spine

Common Symptoms Redness, swelling & pain in the joints Weight loss Fatigue Severe pain in motion of specific joints In many cases, sudden deformities of the joints can be seen Joint stiffness Tenderness of joints Non-specific fever Flu like symptoms Early morning stiffness

Who is at risk? Overweight individuals — excess weight can put a lot of stress & pressure on the body leading to pain in the joints. Those who have either of the parents or both suffering from Arthritis. Those with severe joint injuries post an accident should take special care before this progresses into an arthritis kind of a condition Women have been observed to be more affected than men. The female hormones play significant role in the manifestation of the symptoms of Arthritis.


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